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05-26-2021  The special road assessment was approved by the owners by majority vote on 05-14-2021.  The road repairs are scheduled to start by the end of June 2021.  Before beginning, this page will be updated with the startng time and location.  Once the project begins this project will updated daily.  
07-09-2021  Equipment is being hauled in for the asphalt overlay which is scheduled to begin the morning of Monday July 12th.  The project will start in Forest Lake.  The plan is to have Gemstone finished by the end of the day Monday, then move on to Mountain View, have Mountain View finished by Tuesday then on to other residential roads to the west of Forest Lake Drive for the remainder of the week.  
07-12-2021 - Monday - Gemstone and Granite (west side of Forest Lake Drive)  OVERLAY COMPLETE  
07-13-2021 - Tuesday - Moutain View and Flatrock OVERLAY COMPLETE   
07-14 - 2021 - Wednesday - Beechwood - OVERLAY COMPLETE. 
07-16-2021 - Rain out.  There was no work done today.
07-19-2021 Monday- Black Forest Lane and Bedrock OVERLAY COMPLETE..
07-20-2021 - Tuesday - Pavilion Lodges - Poolside Way COMPLETE.  
 07-21-2021 Wednesday Pavilion Lodges - Garber COMPLETE
07-22-2021 Thursday - The pavilion parking - COMPLETE
07-26-2021 – Monday-  Cantwell and Bells -COMPLETE.  Attempted to start Olivia Court, but we were unable to get all of the cars moved.  Decided to skip Olivia Court and do it later.
07-27-2021 - Tuesday - Blue Lake Trail and Weatherstone - COMPLETE
07-28-2021 - Planning to finish Black Forest Lane and Granite - COMPLETE
07-29-2021 - Olivia Court - COMPLETE
07-30-2021 - Fox Hollow Road - COMPLETE
08-03-2021 - Forest Lake Drive - COMPLETE 
08-04-2021 - Limestone & Cattail- COMPLETE
Sealcoating has been pushed back to September 1st.   Striping will follow sealcoating.  
09-03-2021-  Advance Sealing and Striping will begin crack filling and sealcoating residential streets in StoneBridge the week of Labor Day.  Striping will not take place until the roads have been sealed.  Crack filling will happen first.  All roads that have not had work done on them this year will be crack filled and seal coated.  With this application dry conditions are a must.  If work is halted due to climate conditions, please do not assume, or let others convince you that the project has been aborted.  Currently however, there is a paint shortage, and it is likely we will not get the roads striped until next year.  We are beginning with the residential streets to give us more time to plan specific dates with the surrounding COA's.  Please visit the website for details and updates.
09-13-2021 The East portion of StoneBridge Village Parkway -Complete
09-16-2021 - StoneBridge Parkway - Complete
09-28-2021 - Silveroak Sealcoat & Crackfil - Complete
09-30-2021 - SilverAdo Sealcoat & Carckfill -Complete
10-04-2021 -SilverOak - Complete
10-05-2021 -Crack Filled Ledges Way.  
10-12-2021 - With the bad weather we have experienced, things are moving slowly.  There is rain in the forcast the remainder of this week and we have no planned activity until Monday of next week.
10-19-2021 - Sealcoat Ledges Way, Crackfill and Sealcoat Highland Court-Complete
10-19-2021 - Crackfill and Sealcoat Cabana Court
10-20-2021 - Crackfill and Seal Coat Crossing Drive
10-25-2021 - Due to low temperatures, the ramainder of the sealcoating will be moved to the Spring of 2022.  All roads will be crack filled this year and all finished roads will be striped by the end of the year as planned.

IT IS IMPOTANT TO LET THE SEALCOAT COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE DRIVING.  Crack filling is generally done prior to sealcoating, but in some instances the sealcoat may be applied prior to crack filling.  This schedule could be delayed due to weather.
Once the paving company moves into the residential drives, residents will need to stay off the sealcoat until dry.  Your road may be closed for 2 to 4 hours depending on the location.  We will give 48 hours’ notice before completely closing a residential road.